Rely On Us For Your Irrigation System Needs

in Bay Shore & Commack, NY

New Installations

A successful irrigation project begins with optimal design. We at Waterways Irrigation thoughtfully consult with every customer to recommend the ideal system for the total enjoyment and beautification of your property.

Drip irrigation is used to water the root base of plants. We can install a new drip irrigation system from start to finish for your garden or potted plants. Save water and convert planter sprinklers to drip lines or to keep water off your house.


System Redesigns

If your existing irrigation system is old, damaged or inefficient, the Waterways irrigation team can help. Depending on your goals for your sprinkler system, we will analyze the problem and offer solutions including equipment upgrades and layout redesigns, as well as installation and maintenance plans.

Spring Start Up

Spring Opening

Cold weather can be tough on irrigation systems. Doing a spring checkup can help prevent many problems that may have occurred over the winter from getting worse. We will prepare your irrigation system by setting your timer to meet watering codes and adjust all your heads for proper coverage so it is ready for your warm weather watering needs.


Ready for the deep freeze? With our high powered compressors we blow out your sprinkler lines removing all water. Your main water supply to your system is shut off and the timer disconnected. We recommend winterizing your system between October and November.


During a midseason checkup we Inspect and adjust your system for changes in shrub growth and varying weather conditions.

Maintenance and Repairs

With proper care, your sprinklers can last a lifetime. We offer (and encourage) regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure your system is in tip-top shape - ready for every season and minimizing the need for unanticipated repairs.

Long Island Sprinkler System Services

  • Installation of New Irrigation Systems
  • Service of Existing Irrigation Systems
  • Renovations to Existing Irrigation Systems
  • Spring Irrigation Turn-On Service
  • Winterizing of Irrigation System